Ep. 4 - Aaron & Alisha Soule - Building a Lifestyle & Knowing When to Scale

Aaron & Alisha Soule, owners of Three Rivers Consulting and parents of three, are sharing their journey of building their company while navigating the uncertain path of knowing when to scale and how to keep their family afloat without the security of a 9-5 income. Also as a bonus for any non-profit leaders listening, there are some great nuggets about how you should be pivoting your programming right now in the second half of the episode.
Aaron was born with the entrepreneurial bug and had always dreamed of being a business owner, but thought in order to make it happen that he needed a revolutionary product or mind-blowing idea. Then, when he found himself in desperate need of a career change, he and Alisha decided to take a leap. They took her side-hustle contracting gig and scaled it big time to become their family business.

They didn’t know how it would go, but they knew from past experiences that they could successfully work together. In fact, they shared with us some of their tried and true tactics for prioritizing each other and their communication.

Here are their tips for other couples considering embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys:

  1. Nothing is off the table for discussion. Communicate about everything.
  2. Stay united and together no matter what. Dig deep enough to know that every disagreement can be worked through. At the end of the day, you’re always on the same team.
  3. Be quick to say you’re sorry and willing to listen and understand where the other person is coming from.
  4. Give each other grace and realize that we’re all a work in progress.

In our discussion, they dive into what it’s been like to parent their kids during COVID-19 quarantines without their normal childcare while still growing their business together. They also share how being present, engaged parents who are in control of their own schedules is an ongoing motivating factor that keeps them going, even on the tough days of business ownership. 
For those of you who are non-profit leaders, there are some great nuggets for you in the second half of this episode. Aaron and Alisha are non-profit gurus and they shed some light on how non-profits should be pivoting and adjusting post-COVID:
  1. Slow down and don’t be reactionary.
  2. Take stock of your donor base, especially 1st and 2nd tier donors and know where they are and what their commitment is
  3. Find ways to lean into what’s happening in the world right now. How have your constituents been impacted by it, and adjust your programming and funding needs accordingly

This is definitely an incredible episode - with an even more incredible couple - that you do not want to miss! 

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