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Ep. 25 Mike & Gaby - Hiatus

Well, it has been a wild ride since August of 2020, and while we have a ton more we want to accomplish with Mixing Business with Pleasure, we have decided to put the interview portion of the show on temporary hiatus. Hear more of what we have planned.

Ep. 24 Erik & Gina Therwanger- Life Saving Goals

Today’s guests, Erik & Gina Therwanger, are married co-founders of Think GREAT—a family company that teaches businesses and people around the world how to set and accomplish great goals.

Ep. 23 - Doug & Michelle Myers - The Next Right Step

Today’s guests, Doug and Michelle Myers are married entrepreneurs and parents of a beautiful blended family of 3 kids. Their remote business, Pink Callers provides customer service support to home service businesses.

Ep. 22 - Jim & Chantea Goetz - Perfecting Mind & Body

Today’s guests, Jim and Chantea Goetz are married entrepreneurs and fellow podcasters from New Jersey—where they own and run a health & fitness company called Functionised.

Ep. 21 - Jason & Tova Weiss - Better Together

Navigating law, love and entrepreneurship as a family. Today’s guests, Jason and Tova Weiss are not only married entrepreneurs, but parents to two entrepreneur kids—a first for our show! All together, this family of four owns three businesses—Weiss Law Group, Longpole Life and My Lazy Wear—and they are happily forging their paths in business and life together.

Ep. 20 - Mike and Alyssa Kaeding - A Better Way to Live

Today’s guests, Mike & Alyssa Kaeding are married entrepreneurs who run a thriving apartment management company, Norhart, located right here in Minnesota. They are also parents to two young children. This pair of childhood friends have known each other their whole lives, but didn’t start dating until near the end of college. Soon after graduating, they began working together in Mike’s parent’s business before they even got married. Eventually, Mike & Alyssa completely took over the business from his parents after losing his father suddenly in 2015.

Ep. 19 - Amanda Greenberg & Noah Bornstein - Waking Up the World

Amanda and Noah are the founders of Balloon. They built their SaaS platform to solve a problem they both experienced in past roles (and we’re pretty sure you’ve experienced it, too). It’s called group dynamics: It undermines the collective brainpower of teams, limits companies’ potentials, and results in horrible decision-making with false starts and wasted cycles. These two dynamic tech founders started their company in 2015, while also starting their family, moving across country and meeting with potential investors while Amanda was pregnant with their son first son, Wake. Listen to get the full episode, it's a good one!

Ep. 18 - Jenn Gotzon & Jim E. Chandler - Films, Faith & Family

If you’re one of our many listeners who loves nothing more this time of the year than pouring yourself a glass of wine, popping a big ole bowl of popcorn and snuggling up to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, you’re in luck this week! Today, we’re chatting with married actors, producers, business owners and brand new parents, Jenn Gotzon & Jim E. Chandler. Together, they starred in the movie The Farmer And The Belle: Saving Santaland and own a franchise by the same name. They also produced the movie through their production company, Idealist-Gotzon Films.

Ep. 17 - Nixie & Rafael Diaz - Coffee Heroes

Saving the world & serving your family with café & love. We hope that you’ve poured yourself a steaming cup of coffee as we dive in with today’s guests. Rafael Diaz & Nixie Espinal-Diaz are serial entrepreneurs from New York with deep family roots in the Dominican Republic. Together they own and run Nixie’s Coffee and are heroically & passionately serving love and coffee to the world. They also have one of the sweetest love stories that you won’t want to miss!

Ep. 16 - Britney & Ryan Crosson - Love, Wine, Family & Fun

Embracing change & bucking the system to build a life you love, y’all... Today’s guests, Britney & Ryan Crosson, are married entrepreneurs and parents of two from Houston, TX. Britney is fun-loving social media consultant & podcast host. Together, she and Ryan also have a business selling wine. We’re excited to be diving into a very different topic on the show today that we’ve yet to discuss with our other guests and we know you’re going to want to tune in now to get in on it, too.

Ep. 15 - Julie & Tony Bombacino - Family, Food & Finding a Way

Forging a path and creating a company from a life-changing “why” Today’s guests, Tony & Julie Bombacino, are very near and dear to our hearts as their business has been such a huge blessing to our own family through our daughter, Lana. Together, these married entrepreneurs and parents of two co-founded Real Food Blends—a company that provides real food options to tube feed people. We’ll dive into the details of their story in our interview, but let’s just say that it’s one you might need to grab a tissue for.

Ep. 14 - Jennifer & Michael Gallagher - Dream Big & Drink Good Wine

Today’s guests, Jennifer & Michael Gallagher, are married serial entrepreneurs, co-founders and parents to a couple of adorable fur babies. Together, they founded their business and created its signature product, The His & Her Bar—the World's First Aphrodisiac Bar—which was designed to stimulate sexual desire and bring you and your partner even closer. Today, they’re sharing with us the saucy secrets behind how they work in their life, business and love.

Ep. 13 - Wendy Brookhouse & Kelsey MacAulay - Spending Time & Cash Wisely

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have complete financial confidence, our guests today could tell you a thing or two. Powerhouse married entrepreneurs, Wendy Brookhouse & Kelsey MacAulay, are joining us from Nova Scotia, Canada where they own the company Black Star Wealth. Together they help smart, ambitious people find, keep and grow their money to enhance their financial confidence. Tune in now for their story along with their incredible advice and tips for fellow couplepreneurs!

Ep. 12 - Dean & Diony McPherson - College Friends to Tech Industry Sweethearts

Today’s phenomenal guests are joining us all the way from Sydney, Australia. Dean and Diony McPherson went from being college sweethearts to thriving entrepreneurs. They now co-own and run the tech company, Paperform, but the two still feel their greatest accomplishment is being parents to their young family. We’re digging in with Diony and Dean on their journey through changing careers and industries—all while juggling entrepreneurship, family, love and passion projects along the way. Our conversation is chock-full of incredible stories and advice that you won’t want to miss!

Ep. 11 - Jason & Pili Yarusi - Moving with Aloha

The energy and passion from today’s guests is truly invigorating and inspiring. Jason & Pili Yarusi are married serial entrepreneurs working in real estate with their company, Yarusi Holdings. They bring incredible passion to everything they do from their daily vlog to their business to their relationship to their young family. We know that you’ll adore these two as much as we do and leave their interview with the boost you need for your day!

Ep. 10 - Mike & Gaby Grinberg - Recapping What We've Learned So Far

In this episode, Mike and Gaby share their perspectives and break down the first eight episodes on Mixing Business with Pleasure. They discuss the common threads and most salient points their guests have shared on the show, so far. And they also sprinkle in a healthy dose of real-life tips and examples from their own entrepreneurial journey and relationship.

Ep. 9 - Kim & Ryan Christopher - Guided by Hope & Good Food

Married co-owners, Ryan & Kim Christopher are entrepreneurs a few times over. They’re also accomplished athletes, homeschooling parents and chicken raisers from Kansas City. They’re currently on their second go-around as business owners, running a tangible branding company called Anything on Anything. We hope you’ll join us today for some nutty fun as we dive into their success in business and in marriage. And don’t worry, there are plenty of tips, hope & good food to go around!

Ep. 8 - Part 2 - Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik - Employee, Spouse, Business Partner & Parent

During the second part of our conversation with Brent Weaver and Emily Pramik, we learn more about their current business, UGurus. Brent and Emily talk about how they are able to balance Emily's jewelry business, 2 young children, and of course their marriage. All while growing UGurus toward their mission of helping 10,000 agency owners achieve freedom in their business and life.

Ep. 8 - Part 1 - Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik - Client, Turned Lover, Turned Business Partner

Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik epitomize mixing business with pleasure - they met while Emily was Brent’s client in his previous business. These two are married entrepreneurs and parents who are incredibly supportive of each other in all aspects of their life—from love to family to work to fun. And while they both love and adore each other and their work, they also know how to prioritize recharging and pursuing personal passions. So come and take a ride with these two today!

Ep. 7 - Part 2 - Mickeli & Allison Bedore - Bringing on an Outside Partner

Mickeli & Allison Bedore are married serial entrepreneurs who left behind their successful corporate careers to start numerous businesses together while also parenting their two amazing kids. Current co-owners of Closers Media, they brought on an outside business partner, which really accelerated their business. If you haven't already, make sure you listen to part 1 of this conversation, to learn how these two got to where they are and the lessons they learned along the way.

Ep. 7 - Part 1 - Mickeli & Allison Bedore - Taking Risks & Having Hope

Mickeli & Allison Bedore are married serial entrepreneurs who left behind their successful corporate careers to start numerous businesses together while also parenting their two amazing kids. Current co-owners of Closers Media, this busy pair may have their hands full, but they certainly still know how to hold onto hope, take risks and have fun.

Ep. 6 - Eric and Nancy Flom - Building a Team with Grit

The creative and committed Eric & Nancy Flom are parents, designers and married entrepreneurs who co-own Intersource, Inc.—a flooring company in Minneapolis. These two fell in love young and their 39-year-long relationship has flourished right alongside their design dreams, their family and their business.

Ep. 5 - Rob & Sherry Walling - Hope in a F***-ed Up World

The extremely-accomplished (and hilarious) Rob & Sherry Walling are married co-owners, serial entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, and parents to three kids (and one puppy!). Today, they’re sharing with us how they wear so many hats and still manage to find hope, happiness, and Zen in this crazy world we’re all living in.

Ep. 4 - Aaron & Alisha Soule - Building a Lifestyle & Knowing When to Scale

Aaron & Alisha Soule, owners of Three Rivers Consulting and parents of three, are sharing their journey of building their company while navigating the uncertain path of knowing when to scale and how to keep their family afloat without the security of a 9-5 income. Also as a bonus for any non-profit leaders listening, there are some great nuggets about how you should be pivoting your programming right now in the second half of the episode.

Ep. 3 - Jason & Shelly Dailey - Take a Breath & Drink Whiskey

College sweethearts turned serial entrepreneurs: software companies, marketing agencies and a distillery. Jason and Shelly Dailey have built, sold and scaled multiple companies individually and together, all while being staying happily married for almost 10 years.

Ep. 2 - Chris Martinez & Oyuki Gallegos - Dude Falls in Love, ¡Guey!

Chris Martinez and Oyuki Gallegos of DUDE Agency, tell us how they unexpectedly met through work, and build a relationship from there. They talk about building and scaling a company in Mexico and how loss and grieving almost broke them apart and how therapy helped them get through it.

Ep. 1 - Tim Brown & Bea Bonte - Lovers First. Business Partners Next.

How to hire your wife, scale a business, build a culture and have a great time while doing it. Also learn how to create great volumes of quality content to build your brand.

Ep. 0 - Welcome to Mixing Business With Pleasure!

Being an entrepreneur can often be a lonely and isolating journey and doing it with your spouse can surprisingly make it even more so. Our mission is to help couples in business by uncovering the inspiring stories of those who have successfully built a business with their life partner, and foster a community where couples can connect, converse and celebrate each other’s successes while learning from each other’s challenges.

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