Ep. 16 - Britney & Ryan Crosson - Love, Wine, Family & Fun

Embracing change & bucking the system to build a life you love, y’all... Today’s guests, Britney & Ryan Crosson, are married entrepreneurs and parents of two from Houston, TX. Britney is fun-loving social media consultant & podcast host. Together, she and Ryan also have a business selling wine. We’re excited to be diving into a very different topic on the show today that we’ve yet to discuss with our other guests and we know you’re going to want to tune in now to get in on it, too.
Like many of our guests, love came first for these two entrepreneurs. Their love story actually began very young. This pair went to the same high school, but didn’t officially meet and get together until a couple of years after. Now, it’s 20 years later and they’ve never looked back!

Prior to becoming a business owner, Britney spent her time acting on stage and screen. And as someone who’s always been comfortable with an audience, she’s found the ability to be comfortable on-camera has helped her teach those same skills to other business owners on the social media stage. 

She now owns and runs Fun Love Media—which provides social media management, content creation and email marketing services to other business owners. And if you’ve been secretly (or not so secretly) hoping to go viral on TikTok, Britney may just be the gal you should talk to.

Ryan recently decided to join her in the entrepreneurial life and transition from a 24-year construction career in Corporate America to being a full-time business co-owner with wife Britney. Inspired by their mutual love of wine, these two own a clean-crafted wine business—and we can definitely raise a glass to that!

As recent guests on Britney’s podcast, we’re excited to turn the tables today and dive into the details of her & Ryan’s story as we learn more about their love, life & work on our show. Here are some of the moments you don’t want to miss in our conversation:
  • Don’t stay stuck in a corporate career that doesn’t work for your life and your family. Other people don’t get to dictate the life you lead.
  • Take things in stride and stick together. Find joy & hope in each other even when the world tries to get you down.
  • Go with your gut. If something does sit right with you, question it. Look at what you’re moving towards.
  • Life happens & jobs are lost, but you can choose to take something hard and turn it into an opportunity to change your course. The path may not be exactly what you thought it was going to look like, but you can still get where you want to go.
  • Keep pursuing your dreams. You are never too old to keep pursuing your dreams or to find a new way to make your dreams come to life. Your dreams matter.
  • Find ways to grow and scale your business that work for you. This doesn’t always mean growing a huge team. You can also scale by serving many people at once rather than one on one. 
  • Remember the importance and beauty of providing a livelihood for your employees. It’s a phenomenal part of being a business owner.
  • Give your partner props for being able to take on different roles in your life and family. The beautiful (but also hard) thing about being in business for yourself is being able to change who is doing what for your business, your kids & your family.
  • Cherish the stage you’re in. If you have kids, soak in time with them while they are little and enjoy it because it won’t last forever.

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