Ep. 21 - Jason & Tova Weiss - Better Together

Navigating law, love and entrepreneurship as a family. Today’s guests, Jason and Tova Weiss are not only married entrepreneurs, but parents to two entrepreneur kids—a first for our show! All together, this family of four owns three businesses—Weiss Law Group, Longpole Life and My Lazy Wear—and they are happily forging their paths in business and life together.
For this pair, love definitely came before work. Jason and Tova have been together since college and admittedly have a hard time remembering life before they had each other in it.

Jason is a lawyer and the managing partner of the Weiss Law Group. He practices business and commercial litigation. Tova handles the financial side of the law practice. She also, along with the pair’s 14-year-old son, runs an apparel company for lacrosse players called Longpole Life. 

Jason & Tova’s 11-year-old daughter, who is a dancer and dress maker, has now launched her own clothing line, My Lazy Wear, with her family’s help as well.

This inspirational family of four is very tight-knit and genuinely loves doing life and work together.

We know you’re going to adore Jason, Tova & their family as much as we do! Here are just a few of the valuable tips behind the secrets of their success:

  • Let your partner help you! If they offer to jump in, let them. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Respect their abilities and let them help.
  • Just because you’re friends with someone or like them outside of work doesn’t mean you’re meant to be in business together. It’s important to recognize that and part ways if you need to in order to save the friendship.
  • Make sure your clients (and your kids!) know they can come to you about anything. Stay open to communication and make sure they can trust you.
  • Listen to the people in your life that you love and trust. They know you best.
  • Embrace your time together as a family, but also support your kids gaining independence & finding what they love. Let them learn, make mistakes and problem solve.
  • Don’t work 24/7. Take time for yourself. Take time for your family. Work isn’t everything.
  • Continue to pivot and pursue what you love. Find what really lights you up and dive into that.
  • Get creative. No matter what job you’re in, there is always a way to problem solve and find a creative solution. 
  • Consult with a lawyer in your state as you’re establishing your business to make sure you protect each other and your family.

There were so many wonderful moments and pieces of advice from Jason and Tova! Don’t wait another minute to tune in to their fantastic interview.

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