Ep. 23 - Doug & Michelle Myers - The Next Right Step

Today’s guests, Doug and Michelle Myers are married entrepreneurs and parents of a beautiful blended family of 3 kids. Their remote business, Pink Callers provides customer service support to home service businesses.
These two found love together before officially founding their company. Although, Michelle actually started her first business back in 2009 before meeting Doug. However, it wasn’t until he entered her life in 2013 that she really saw the opportunity to grow and scale. 

In 2016, Doug & Michelle co-founded Pink Callers and the rest is history! They are the perfect complement to one another in business—Michelle is a pro at getting ideas off the ground while Doug is amazing at getting things done!

Now, this amazing pair is on a mission to provide work at home opportunities for other at-home professionals, parents & caregivers. They would love for everyone to experience the kind of freedom and flexibility they’ve found through their remote business (which is something we can certainly relate to!).

Doug & Michelle are also looking for new ways to provide support to even more home service businesses and have founded the Myers 5 Group as a part of that effort.

We absolutely loved hearing their story and we know you’re going to gain so much from our interview with them as well. Here are just a few of the secrets of their success in life, love, and business:

  • Sometimes you need someone outside of what you’re doing to really see what you're offering in your business and how you can grow it. 
  • Say yes! Take a chance on yourself and say yes to new opportunities. 
  • Just do the next right thing. You may not be able to see the end, but you have to take steps and keep forging forward. 
  • Don’t push your partner. Allow them to grow and thrive in their own way. You don’t want anyone being dragged into something they aren’t ready for.
  • Take control of your destiny. Tomorrow’s not promised to any of us. Whether you think your job is secure or not, if you’re not the leader and driver of your own destiny, you really don’t have a secure job. Every single one of us is replaceable in corporate America.
  • If you have a dream for your mission, take it to heart and carry it out. Your vision for your company is important.
  • Establish which lane each of you will be in and respect those lanes. Also, give each other permission to tell the other person when they are crossing into your lane.
  • Customer service is a key component of your business. If it’s not in your wheelhouse, consider how you can address that need properly or outsource it. 
  • Document everything. Get things out of your head and onto paper.
  • Enjoy your life! Don’t forget to have fun together. Life is short, embrace it and each other. “Hold it lightly.”

The love and joy was absolutely palpable from these two. It’s so clear how much they are embracing doing life, love and work together. We know you’re going to love them, too!

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