Ep. 24 Erik & Gina Therwanger- Life Saving Goals

Today’s guests, Erik & Gina Therwanger, are married co-founders of Think GREAT—a family company that teaches businesses and people around the world how to set and accomplish great goals.
This is honestly one of the most incredible couples we’ve had the privilege of interviewing on our podcast. Together, they’ve gone through multiple careers, business ownership and parenthood. Gina has also battled (and beat!) cancer four times—all with Eric as her caregiver, right by her side.

From the film industry to financial planning to now owning & running Think GREAT, their work has definitely been a big part of their shared story. However, love came first for these two and it has clearly remained first throughout their entire marriage and journey together. 

Through it all, goals have been a powerful thread and anytime life derails them or sends them for another loop, goals bring them back together and help propel them forward. 

In addition to their company, Erik and Gina have also founded a non-profit organization called the Think Great Foundation, which offers scholarships to military spouses—a cause close to their hearts.

Erik & Gina’s story is so inspiring and we know you’re going to adore them as much as we do. 
Here are some of the secrets behind their beautiful success in life, love and business:
  • Goals are incredibly powerful. They can drive you forward and bring you together in the best and worst of times.
  • Hardships can lead to greatness in your life. Take the challenges life gives you and find ways to use them to fuel you and inspire you. The things that come out of your hard times may just save someone else someday.
  • Setting your goals is exciting, but to accomplish them, you have to implement steps and track them. The key components you need to think about with any goal are the steps you take, the people you need to enlist, and the time you’re going to allocate to the goal.
  • Lead by example. Do what you’re telling your people to do. If you want them to set goals, let them in on your goals. If you want to be appreciated, appreciate them. 
  • Create a foundation of leadership. Every one of your team members should have a leadership mindset—even if no one reports to them.
  • Be positive for your people. Every leader needs to be a beacon of positivity right now. When the storm is at its darkest and the ships feel lost at sea, turn on your light. It’s not the time to turn it off. Also, remember that this too will pass.
  • Hire people with passion and that want to be a part of the team. You can train job skills, but you can't give someone passion for what they're doing.
  • Life’s too short to try and work with everybody. Your clients have to fit within your vision and your mission just like your employees do.
  • Family comes first. Prioritize the people you love and your time together over your work always. 

We truly can’t say enough amazing things about this pair! Their story, their encouragement, their outlook, their tips... all incredible. We know you’ll love them, too!

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