Ep. 18 - Jenn Gotzon & Jim E. Chandler - Films, Faith & Family

If you’re one of our many listeners who loves nothing more this time of the year than pouring yourself a glass of wine, popping a big ole bowl of popcorn and snuggling up to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, you’re in luck this week! Today, we’re chatting with married actors, producers, business owners and brand new parents, Jenn Gotzon & Jim E. Chandler. Together, they starred in the movie The Farmer And The Belle: Saving Santaland and own a franchise by the same name. They also produced the movie through their production company, Idealist-Gotzon Films.
This amazing couple truly is doing it all right now! They have a newborn baby boy and are also going through the post-production process for their recent film—which they starred in AND produced. We have so much to say about this lovely couple, but we’ll start by diving into what brought them to this point in their lives—where they’re so beautifully mixing business with pleasure. 

Jenn is an award-winning actress known in the faith-based market. She starred in over 70 projects including two Oscar Nominated films, Frost/Nixon and Alone Yet Not Alone. Her movie, My Daddy is in Heaven, broke records as a mover and shaker on Amazon and trended on Netflix, followed by Lionsgate’s Saving Faith—a film starring both her and Jim. In addition to acting and producing, she speaks across the globe inspiring and impacting audiences.

Jim is an award-winning actor who has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and the hit video game, Red Dead Redemption 2. Jim had a recurring role on BET’s The Quad, AMC’s Lodge 49 and has had 20 appearances on the Investigation Discovery Channel.  In April, his movie, Inheritance was scheduled to premiere at the famed Tribeca Film Festival, but COVID-19 forced the release to go digital. In the movie, Jim shares the screen with Lily Collins.

This pair has worked together on over 15 projects including an international modeling campaign in China. Together, they own and run Idealist-Gotzon Films which produces movies—including The Farmer and The Belle.

Their mission with The Farmer and The Belle franchise is to provide a Biblical pathway to teen girls and women showing them their value & debunking the lies 90% of women believe about their physical appearance.

The film also takes its important message beyond the screen with three products that support the truth of beauty founded in relationship to God: a #Beauty Bracelet, a 30-day devotional and a children’s book that reinforces the film’s message.

The movie itself is actually based on their real life story and we know you’re going to love diving into today. Here are some highlights and tips from our chat:

  • Build your relationship on a firm foundation of truth, hope, passion and friendship—and allow those to carry you through your marriage and business.
  • If you’re a person of faith, consider how your faith plays a part in your life, your relationship and your business. Don’t be afraid to lean into it, but in a way that’s inclusive and doesn’t alienate people.
  • Communicate with your partner about your thought process and let them know when you’re not feeling heard. Honesty and compassion should always lead your conversations.
  • When deciding your next step or your next niche, go back to your mission and let that drive you.
  • Keep working toward your dream and your vision. It may not happen overnight, but if it’s worth pursuing, you’ll get there. 
  • Put yourself out there and get creative with your funding & collaborative possibilities. People want to know you and are looking for your passion in your project or business. You’re ultimately what they’re investing in.
  • Find out how you compliment each other and rely on one another’s strengths. Honor and celebrate your differences, and see how they make you stronger together.
  • Things may not work out exactly as you envisioned, but that’s okay. Your business, your product, your film can still be a success. There are many paths to take and options to pursue.
  • Support, encourage and uplift the value of your partner in all that you do. Mutual respect is crucial.
  • Focus on positive thoughts & truths. What you meditate on and repeat in your head affects your reality. 
  • Be open. Be open to learning, growing, failing and succeeding together. Enjoy the journey!

We know you’re going to love every moment of our chat with this beautiful couple! Tune in now and be sure to check out The Farmer and The Belle this holiday season. You can catch the movie at any of the following platforms:

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