Ep. 10 - Mike & Gaby Grinberg - Recapping What We've Learned So Far

In this episode, Mike and Gaby share their perspectives and break down the first eight episodes on Mixing Business with Pleasure. They discuss the common threads and most salient points their guests have shared on the show, so far. And they also sprinkle in a healthy dose of real-life tips and examples from their own entrepreneurial journey and relationship.
From relationship advice, business advice and parenting as entrepreneurs, have a listen to this episode to get an in-depth overview of all the episodes released in August and September, and a little tiny preview of what’s to come!

Tips for making the relationship work while building a business
2:10 | Having separate offices in the home, to make things work
6:17 | Make time for each other outside of the business
10:46 | Therapy - everybody could use some of it. It’s not just for for when you are dealing with issues.
14:08 | Communication is key
20:10 | Lean into your support network - it’s ok to ask for help
29:15 | Prioritize your mental health

Tips for running your business as a couple
33:42 | Define your individual roles very clearly, and as early on in the business as possible
43:39 | You can’t effectively scale multiple unrelated businesses at the same time
49:31 | Focus on what you are good at and hire everything else out
54:15 | Operationalize your business to be able to scale
55:30 | Do your due diligence when bringing in an external partner (aka 3rd wheel) into your business
59:56 | Be open and willing to change and pivot
1:03:30 | Lower the bar for yourself. Perfect is the enemy of the good

Benefits of entrepreneurship for parents and their children
1:07:15 | Instill appreciation for what you have
1:12:00 | Instill an entrepreneurial mindset

A few of the businesses we called out during this episode
Dude Agency - for unlimited outsourced web design and development
Closers Media - for proven and personalized sales coaching/training
UGURUS - for agency owners looking to do things bigger and better
Hook Agency - for home services and construction companies looking to drive more leads
ZenFounder - coaching by a clinical psychologist, for entrepreneurs looking to survive and thrive. 

One last thing before you go...
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