Ep. 17 - Nixie & Rafael Diaz - Coffee Heroes

Saving the world & serving your family with café & love. We hope that you’ve poured yourself a steaming cup of coffee as we dive in with today’s guests. Rafael Diaz & Nixie Espinal-Diaz are serial entrepreneurs from New York with deep family roots in the Dominican Republic. Together they own and run Nixie’s Coffee and are heroically & passionately serving love and coffee to the world. They also have one of the sweetest love stories that you won’t want to miss!
For Rafael Diaz & Nixie Espinal-Diaz, love definitely came before work... at least working together. Although, Rafael claims he used business to hook his love. This beautiful pair met dancing the night away, but most of their first conversations were actually around their family businesses.

Rafael is a serial entrepreneur and has had many ventures with different business partners that all fell through for one reason or another. At one point, he and one of his business partners made it as far as the 2nd round of SharkTank trying to seek funds to grow their high-end coffee machine business. 

When the funding fell through, they decided to go their separate ways and that’s when Nixie proposed to Rafael that as a couple they should  join forces and start their own business. 

The decision to build a business around coffee came easy as Nixie had a background as a barista at her dad's deli & grocery store and as a child, she saw her grandma pick the wild coffee cherries and roast them in their backyard in the Dominican Republic. 

These two love working together and actually call their business their “second marriage.” They say their love for each other, their customers, and coffee continues to grow with each cup brewed.

Here are some of the beautiful and tangible tips from this “twice married”, coffee-loving pair:
  • You have to have the same mindset as your business partner—just liking or loving the person is not enough. Your business plans & goals have to be in alignment.
  • Working with family can be hard. You have to show respect, but you also have to communicate, rely on each other’s knowledge & ultimately decide who will take the lead.
  • Meet your partner where they are. Understand where they are coming from and know you can’t change them. You have to work with them. Rely on each other’s strengths.
  • Sometimes the right idea is just under your nose. Listen to your instincts and take a leap together.
  • Your vision for your business will grow and evolve. Don’t limit yourself to just want you know, but look for ways to go bigger and do more. 
  • Reach out for help. Hire a coach for your relationship, your business or both!
  • Find out what triggers you and own the parts of yourself that make you mad at your partner. You can’t change their behavior, but you can control your reactions to it.
  • Use your logo and your brand identity to convey a piece of yourself and your story along with what you are selling.
  • Learn how to present your product and share your journey with your audience online. But remember growing your brand takes time and be patient.
  • Give back where you can. Find ways your business can support nonprofits and organizations you are passionate about. Growing your business can also mean increasing your ability to give more.
  • Slow & steady wins the race. Take your time and go at a pace both of you are comfortable with. Keep it manageable. 

We know you’re going to learn so much from this pair and are sure you’ll love them as much as we do. So grab that cup of coffee and tune in now!

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  • Learn more about Nixie & Rafael’s business, Nixie’s Coffee, and don’t forget to use the code LOVE at checkout to receive 30% off your coffee order!

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