Ep. 8 - Part 1 - Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik - Client, Turned Lover, Turned Business Partner

Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik epitomize mixing business with pleasure - they met while Emily was Brent’s client in his previous business. These two are married entrepreneurs and parents who are incredibly supportive of each other in all aspects of their life—from love to family to work to fun. And while they both love and adore each other and their work, they also know how to prioritize recharging and pursuing personal passions. So come and take a ride with these two today!
For this couple, business actually came before love. At the time they met, serial entrepreneur Brent owned a digital marketing agency that serviced small businesses and nonprofits in the Denver area when he met Emily who was the marketing manager for the Colorado Ballet. She came to his company in need of a new website, but the two definitely got a much bigger return on this investment.

After a champagne toast at the website launch party that bubbled over with a confession of love, these two danced around their feelings for a bit before finally falling into a relationship that led to business collaborations, a wonderful marriage and now, two amazing children.

Since they met, they have worked together in several capacities—including working for a non-profit. 

From marriage to working together to parenting during COVID, this couple had so much fantastic advice. Here are just a few of the business and relationship tips from our chat...
  • 14:28 | Pursue what you love doing. Emily pursued a career as an artist.
  • 15:36 | Don’t manage your spouse if they work for the business. Create a system where they work with and report to someone else.
  • 18:05 | Establish boundaries when you can talk about the business and when it’s time to put business aside. 
  • 24:46 | Whether formally set up or not, your spouse is a partner in your business.
  • 26:35 | Find ways not to bring the stress of work into the house and be aware when you do, so you can make shifts.
  • 27:38 | It helps tremendously to have a close friend that you can confide in and look for advice from who is also an entrepreneur, but isn’t your spouse or related to your business.

Truly, these tips aren’t even the tip of the iceberg from this adorable pair. To hear more about Brent & Emily’s hilarious and sweet beginning along with their incredible advice on life, love, work and balancing it all, tune in to Episode 8 now. 

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