Ep. 8 - Part 2 - Brent Weaver & Emily Pramik - Employee, Spouse, Business Partner & Parent

During the second part of our conversation with Brent Weaver and Emily Pramik, we learn more about their current business, UGurus. Brent and Emily talk about how they are able to balance Emily's jewelry business, 2 young children, and of course their marriage. All while growing UGurus toward their mission of helping 10,000 agency owners achieve freedom in their business and life.
Brent was initially running a digital agency, but over time he and his partner ended up pivoting to teaching other agency owners how to improve their businesses, as that business was brining in more revenue and was much more scalable than the agency business. 

This pivot, mind you, happened right as Brent and Emily were getting married and going on their honeymoon - Brent’s first real vacation since he was in college.

In addition to working on Brent’s team at UGURUS, Emily is also an artist who owns a handcrafted jewelry business that she’s been taking a break from while her kids are young, but she’s planning to build back up soon.

From marriage to working together to parenting during COVID, this couple had so much fantastic advice. Here are just a few of the business and relationship tips from our chat...
  • 1:19 | You have to take the opportunities when they are presented to you
  • 3:12 | To know what to prioritize and when to pivot, just follow the money.
  • 9:27 | If it’s hard for you to completely unplug from your business while on vacation, have a pre-scheduled agreed upon time in the day to briefly check-in and work on urgent stuff to keep your pulse on everything. Then, move on and focus on your spouse or your family.
  • 19:22 | you have to support your spouse in whatever brings them fulfillment and happiness
  • 24:14 | You need to have dedicated, scheduled date nights to take a break from the business and dedicate time to yourselves.
  • 28:50 | Create boundaries for when you talk about business, but don’t be too rigid with those rules, so that they don’t become a source of stress.

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