Ep. 5 - Rob & Sherry Walling - Hope in a F***-ed Up World

The extremely-accomplished (and hilarious) Rob & Sherry Walling are married co-owners, serial entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, and parents to three kids (and one puppy!). Today, they’re sharing with us how they wear so many hats and still manage to find hope, happiness, and Zen in this crazy world we’re all living in.
These two powerhouses fell in love before they fell into business together. But even when Rob & Sherry met on their college track team, they were just as serious about running their race then as they are now - several businesses later.

Today, they continue sprinting forward together as they support each other and countless other founders and entrepreneurs on their paths.

Rob has helped tens of thousands of startup founders through his numerous co-authored books (one with Sherry), 2 podcasts, and dozens of conferences & essays. He’s invested in 36 startups, and has built 7 businesses to six- and seven-figures in revenue...but has only taken investment once. His current projects include TinySeed, MicroConf, and the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast.

Sherry has a PhD in clinical psychology and two masters degrees. She’s the founder of Zen Founder - the antidote to burnout, anxiety and loneliness that so often accompanies the entrepreneurial journey. She currently manages it while hosting a podcast by the same name as well. She’s also written an amazing book called, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together. (Trust us, you’re going to want to add it to your Amazon cart now!)

It’s a mind-boggling amount for anyone to juggle - much less successfully scale while also being devoted love partners and incredible parents. Thankfully, they shared some of their success secrets with us! Here are a few to get you started...
  • Lean into your support. You need people you can trust.
  • Focus on a limited number of projects at a time or things will start to fall off. Nothing quality in your life from business to relationships can operate on auto-pilot.
  • Have balance in your life outside of work. It’s healthy to have work projects, but also to spend time invested in family and passion projects or hobbies. 
  • Don’t try to fire on all cylinders on everything at once. It will just set you up to become burnt out and frazzled.
  • Do things for yourself that are live-giving and that keep you nourished & well.
For even more tips on managing it all with your partner in love, you don’t want to miss our conversation with this phenomenally Zen dynamic duo! It was an honor to host them on our podcast and we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

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