Ep. 7 - Part 1 - Mickeli & Allison Bedore - Taking Risks & Having Hope

Mickeli & Allison Bedore are married serial entrepreneurs who left behind their successful corporate careers to start numerous businesses together while also parenting their two amazing kids. Current co-owners of Closers Media, this busy pair may have their hands full, but they certainly still know how to hold onto hope, take risks and have fun.
For Mickeli & Allison, love definitely came first in their journey. With backgrounds as an architect and a software salesman, this happily married pair didn’t initially feel pulled to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. 

Although Allison came from a family filled with business owners, she was extremely happy in her architecture career at the beginning of their marriage. And it was actually Mickeli who first dipped his toe into the entrepreneurial water.

Fast forward to today, where they’ve gone through the process of launching several businesses and now co-own and run Closers Media—a company that helps business leaders increase their revenue by mastering the art of closing the deal. They also host an incredible podcast, Coffee & Closers.

Through ups and downs in each of their ventures, they’ve remained connected, inventive and learned a lot along the way. One thing is for sure, these two are not afraid to take a chance in business and they always have each other’s back.

Here are a few nuggets they shared when it comes to starting and running your own business...
  • 10:03 |  If you’re going to go into a partnership with someone, you need to understand where everyone’s heart is at—not just where everyone’s checkbook or skill set is at.
  • 14:47 |  Design thinking applies to more than just design work
  • Recognize what comes naturally to you, but also see the things that you can’t do well. Then, find somebody who can do those things for your business and take care of those people.
  • 29:37 |  If you are going to build multiple businesses, there needs to be some overlap. Otherwise, make sure that you have your main hustle and your side hustle and don’t mix the two up.
  • 41:41 |  Don’t get hung up on the “failures” or the ones that don’t work out. You’re always learning something valuable for the future and pivoting into something better.
To hear more amazing advice and learn about their journey as business owners, parents and people, tune into the podcast now. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this vibrant, hilarious couple! 

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