Ep. 13 - Wendy Brookhouse & Kelsey MacAulay - Spending Time & Cash Wisely

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have complete financial confidence, our guests today could tell you a thing or two. Powerhouse married entrepreneurs, Wendy Brookhouse & Kelsey MacAulay, are joining us from Nova Scotia, Canada where they own the company Black Star Wealth. Together they help smart, ambitious people find, keep and grow their money to enhance their financial confidence. Tune in now for their story along with their incredible advice and tips for fellow couplepreneurs!
With an MBA and numerous certifications in finance, Wendy has been getting people to their financial goals faster and easier for over a decade. As the founder of Black Star Wealth™ and the creator of the One Number Solution™, she knows the ins and outs of all personal and business financial matters. Wendy truly believes that wealth is so much more than just a dollar amount: it is about the joys you have in life and how you live day-by-day. Helping her clients find this joy keeps propelling her forward.

Her other half, Kelsey, is a “man of action” with a successful background in B2B sales. And while they are currently a dynamic duo in their business together, love definitely came before work for this pair. 

Kelsey actually joined Wendy’s company a few years in with the plan to just stay on for a year, but now—a decade later—their business partnership (and love) is still going strong. And when Wendy or the Black Star team needs something done, they go to Kesley first! 

Knowing that money does not equal math for most people - together, these two are changing the lives of their clients as they help them develop holistic plans that simplify their financial life and allow them true freedom. Their ultimate goal is to change a million lives with their business. Here are some of the highlights of our incredible conversation:

  • 5:55 | As a couple, take personality assessments and get guidance on the results to help you understand each other and yourselves better in business (and in love). 
  • 12:37 | Set a big, audacious, long-term goal for your company. This will help give your business a true north.
  • 15:38 | Your short term savings or your emergency fund helps you break out of the anxiety of the scarcity mindset and find joy & energy in your life right now.
  • 17:55 | When you start to think about your money, take the pressure off of where you have been and where you are now. Instead, accept it and take tangible steps to work towards your future wealth.
  • 25:21 | Admit what you don’t know about money (or anything else) and feel safe in knowing that’s okay. The most important thing is to acknowledge where you are to yourself and each other. 
  • 27:00 | Talk about money with each other regularly. The more you do it, the less anxiety you will feel around it.
  • 29:50 | Be willing to compromise. Sometimes happiness looks like getting some of something as opposed to all of it.
  • 32:55 | As a business owner, it’s all too easy to work all of the time, but you have to set boundaries to build the life you truly want.
  • 36:00 | Establish meeting rhythms where you regularly meet with each other or certain members of your team on specific topics. Create time in those meetings to work on the business and not just in the business.
  • 38:55 | Use the “24 hour rule.” If there’s an issue with someone, bring it up within 24 hours or choose to let it go, so you’re not devoting unnecessary energy to it.
  • 47:20 | When starting a business with your spouse, before leaving your job, make sure your credit score is where you want it to be, Also, be really clear on your personal finances to know what you need to make in order to support the life you want. Know when enough is enough.

Honestly, the tips and advice from these two were seemingly endless and we highly recommend all couples working together—especially if you have financial questions—tune in now!

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